Word Academy School

Word Academy is a "School with a Difference" providing quality education to orphaned and destitute children from low socio-economic backgrounds.

This in turn empowers them to reach their potential and break the chains of poverty in their lives.

The School has a feeding program and all children in the lower classes receive milk enriched porridge mid-morning and upper class students receive lunch as they attend school the whole day.

The fluctuating fortunes of families in relation to food provision has often resulted in the school providing both breakfast and lunch for students. Sometimes this is the only food received by students all day.

As the school receives no support from any government body the "Buddy Sponsorship Program" was implemented to help run the school.

A$25 per month will allow a sponsored child to attend school completely free.

Sponsorship also covers teachers wages, teaching apparatus, play equipment, medical assistance and the feeding program.

Donations help towards running and building the school.

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