To Set The Captives Free. Isajah 42 7

Paul Ochieng

Vivian Ochieng

Founder -David Tawo was a Kenyan of the Luo tribe. He hailed from Malunga Central, Wagai Division, North West Gem, Siaya County.  Before his death in March 2000, David was the senior pastor of their non-denominational church – Word Christian Centre a fast growing church in Malunga.

Anna Tawo-Perlini

David Tawo

African World Ministries

About Us and Our Background

After David graduated from Disciples of Mercy Bible Training Centre, God gave him the vision behind the ministry and it was first launched in 1995.                                           
Anna Perlini-Tawo – founder - is an Australian from Perth, Western Australia. In 1991, she left Australia for Kenya as a missionary to help those in need in that country. It was there she met and married David, and together they set up African Word Ministry Kenya and African Word Ministries International Inc which is  registered in Perth, Western Australia. Anna is now based in Perth, Australia.

Paul Ochieng, is a Kenyan from the Luo Tribe and also a graduate of Disciples of Mercy Bible Training Centre. Together with David and Anna, Paul helped from the inception of the ministry. As from August 2006, Paul took over as Chief Executive Officer of African Word Ministry Kenya.

Vivian Ochieng is married to Paul Ochieng and together they have 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls.  Vivian is a graduate of Word Bible Training Centre and holds a Diploma in Education.  Vivian is the principal of Word Academy a school with a difference which is part of African Word Ministry Kenya.

African Word Ministries International Inc has a Board in Western Australia that oversees and fundraises for the work of African Word Ministry Kenya.